Thanks to You, We’re Lowering Our Prices!

To all of our loyal Rashida Sawyer Bakery customers, Thank you!

When we started this bakery in 2019, we honestly did not know what to expect. We did not know who would buy from us, or if anyone would love our cakes as we did.

A conscious decision was made to run our bakery in a way that would not bankrupt us. We kept our day jobs, and we made sure that we kept overhead as low as possible. We shopped for ingredients only when we had orders. Shopping at Tops, Wegmans, and Walmart, we often paid remarkably high prices for the premium ingredients we use.

By operating in this fashion, we made certain that we were not wasting ingredients, and we made sure we were not going bankrupt.

However, it also meant high prices for our customers.

Nevertheless, you bought cakes from us anyway. You left us great reviews, so other people bought from us. When we re-emerged from the COVID-19 shutdown, you bought even more from us!

When you wanted to support a local, minority owned business, you bought from us even more!

Today, we no longer have to shop only when we have orders! We ALWAYS have orders!

We can now buy the same premium ingredients in bulk and at much better prices!

Thanks to you, we are able to drastically lower all of our prices across the board at!

You did this! We are thankful for our wonderful customers, supporters, and friends. We are looking forward to expanding our offerings and giving all of you more of “The Best Tasting Cakes This Side of Cayuga Lake”!

Thank you again!

The Rashida Sawyer Bakery Team